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What Others Say About Us

We take great pride in the long-standing relationships we have forged with our clients over the years. We do not view these as simple client-vendor relationships, but rather mutually beneficial partnerships built on trust, dedication, and striving to meet goals and expectations that are successful for both parties.

Client Testimonials

“I used this statement with my VP yesterday b/c ASI’s name gets thrown around a lot (in a good way) but I don’t think they really understood how valuable until yesterday. ASI is a team that is nimble, flexible, fast and accurate. I was attempting to work with my messy data, from the last four fiscal years. I needed the data organized to align with new regional territories. I created a basic template and completed one year for one region. After doing so, I realized it was going to take me more time than I had to invest in it and nonetheless, I needed the data. I reached out to ASI. They had the data back to me in 48 hours and the cost was minimal in comparison to the time I would have spent on it.”

Executive Director

Educational Publisher

“ASI helped our company better utilize staff and initially avoid 2 additional headcount that was budgeted for prior to outsourcing this work to ASI. ASI helped us improve throughput of vendor invoices by reviewing and documenting these invoices 24/7/365 and improved quality of the data by utilizing QA prior to handing the data back over to us. By improving the throughput this also allowed our internal team to better understand near real-time costs to the organization and react quicker to scenarios that required it.”

Vice President of Technology & Innovation

National Leasing Company

“We engaged ASI to provide print services for our early childhood curriculum consisting of over thousands of pages. ASI poured Word manuscript into InDesign and conducted several rounds of quality assurance checks prior to the final print-ready product being released. ASI also created an interactive PDF version of our curriculum with embedded URL’s. ASI maintained a high level of accuracy and professionalism throughout the entire project and was able to adjust quickly to any changing (more aggressive) deadlines that occasionally occurred. ASI delivered the curriculum on time throughout the entire multi-year project. Customer service was phenomenal throughout the full project and emails were typically answered within several hours. We would certainly consider engaging ASI again for future print-related and digital creation projects.”

Executive Director

Early Childhood Education Provider

“ASI was impeccable. The quality of your service, the level of attention, and the end result have literally set a new standard for me. You and your team should be justifiably proud. Thank you for your diligence and for helping us out of a very tight spot!”

Director of IT & Technology

Educational Publisher and Online Content Provider

“During our 10+ years working with them we have always been completely satisfied with their performance and impressed by their attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and ability to turn around projects on time and on budget. No matter what the level of difficulty, or (frankly) mess, we throw at them they produce a beautiful end product. Their technical abilities related to XML and templates has enabled us to move forward with some very challenging internal products that may not have been successful otherwise, so we really consider them an extension of our internal workforce.”

Vice President of Production and Design

Educational Publisher
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